Apr 252012

Teen babe showing their tits and pussy out in the snow

The scenery is pretty and the teen hottys are hot! You know its really cold when you seen snow on the ground and very hard nipples when these young sweethearts lift up their tops and show off their tatas. Nothing like having a bit of fun especially when they all turn around and drop their pants and you see some fine looking butt. These honeys do a bit of skating on the ice and end up in different modes of undress to just their tatas out in the cold and others minus their pants as well and showing off some nice shaved gash. Boobies and coochie is never a bad thing but when the girls start turning blue, its time to head in. haha

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Apr 052012

Petite teens shoves a red dildo up her pussy

This teen hottie has a huge smile on her face, maybe its the thought of ramming a dildo in her coochie. She strips out of her cute little outfit, sits on a side table and thrusts a couple fingers in here muff. While she is going two fingers deep in her muff, she is sucking and licking on a red cunt bomber. She replaces her fingers with the red slick sticker in her gash as she thrusts it in and out. She bends over, her bum and gash in the air and continues to ram the twat torpedo deep in her beaver.

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Mar 292012

Sasha gets oiled up and rubs her body from tits to pussy

Sasha is one cute baby doll with small jugs with hard nipples, a nice firm bum and a clean shaven coochie you just want to bury your tongue in. One thing about this sweetheart, she is a major tease. She doesn’t have a whole lot of clothes on but what she does have on she takes off very slowly but she gives us some quick peaks as she moves her panties aside and bends over just enough to get a good look at her beaver. She then pushes up her top, and pulls down her bra so you get a tasty look at those lovely tits. Off comes the top and bra as she grabs and rubs her jugs. Finally the panties are gone, she spreads those gash lips and then oils her body up from titties to pussy and caresses it all.

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Mar 212012

Cute brunette rams a baby blue vibe into her pussy

This cute brunette unties her shirt and pulls it down so that she can rub her hands all over her tatas. She strips out of her clothes, spreads her legs wide and rubs her fingers up and down her clean shaven cunt. She replaces her fingers with a baby blue dildo as she runs it up and down her gash. She thrusts it into her snatch and shoves it in and out of her wet hole. She raises her legs up and she rams the slick sticker into her coochie hard and fast.

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Mar 122012

Teen cutie fucks her pussy with a banana

Dionne is in the kitchen with a banana and she uses that yellow fruit to fuck her juicy pussy. This cute teen has a very hot body and she gives a bit of tease as she rubs her rump and pulls down her top to show her tiny perky boobies. Dionne is into the tease as she licks and sucks on the banana like a boner, before peeling it and eating it, but she has a second banana in reserve. Dionne props one leg on the kitchen chair and inserts the extra banana in her coochie from behind. She then straddles the chair, puts the banana under her hot box and slides her cunt down over it. That peel gets all nice and wet from her slick beaver and she doesn’t stop there as she rams it into hersnatch from a seated position as well.

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Feb 232012

Teen plays with herself and thrusts a vibe into her pussy

This little cutie was just laying down on the couch when she felt the urge to rub her tits and sneak a hand down and rub her gash through her panties. Off come the skirt and panties as she sits up and uses her fingers to spread her lips wide and rub her fingers up and down her pussy. As she is rubbing her muff with one hand, she is caressing her boobies with the other. She breaks out a dong, sits with her knees spread wide and rubs it up and down her hot box before slowlying thrusting it inside her wet hole. As she is thrusting the dildo in and out of her muff, she is rubbing her clit with her finger.

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Feb 202012

Blonde teen fucks her pussy with her fingers and a toy

Now this is a cutie that really gets into masturbation. As she is thrusting two fingers into her cunt she is caressing her tatas. She gets a dildo and is sucking it like a real cock as she runs her fingers up and down her beaver. She stands the vibrator up on the couch, and lowers her hot box down on it and rides up and down on her dildo. She is definitely enjoying the ride as her rythm gets faster on the slick sticker. She then takes the slick sticker gets on her knees, lifts up a leg and thrusts the toy into her hot box once again.

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Feb 082012

Teen babe uses a toy to give herself an orgasm

This cute cutie was just reading the newspaper and got turned on and she started playing with her titties. She has an awesome pair of boobs and she was caressing and squeezing them before slipping her hand down her shorts and rubbing her pussy. Off comes the shorts so she can get better access to rub her clit and run her fingers up and down her pussy lips. She breaks out a toy, lifts up her leg straight into the air and thrusts the rubber dildo into her twat. She goes at her cunt hard and fast with the rubber dildo and gives herself a good orgasm.

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Feb 042012

Horny teen fucks her pussy with a vibe

If I had a nice pair of boobies like this cute hottie, I would be all over them just like she is as she caresses and squeezes them. After she is done playing with her boobies, her hands roam down to her bum where she rubs her ass cheeks. Does not take long before this horny young cutie is naked and ready for some action. She breaks out a cunt bomber, spreads her legs wide and thrusts it into her glistening wet gash. Onto her hands and knees she goes and she rams the vibrator into her beaver from behind.

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Jan 172012

Teen uses a vibe on her pussy and clit

This babe has a nice pair of small titties and a shaved hot box that gets some finger and twat torpedo action. She leans back against the bathroom counter and rubs her muff through her panties. Off come the panties as she props a foot up and gets better access to her twat and clit. And you know there is a vibe, a big one at that, as she rubs it up and down her snatch. This twat torpedo has a labia attachment so as she is thrusting it in her coochie, her clit is getting stimulated too.

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